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Maurice Rice


Cell Phone: (585) 363-2120

How long have you been a Preceptor?

5 years

What is your philosophy as a Preceptor?

To change our youth is to change our future. The best change in our youth comes from positive relationships and strong support. When potential is made aware and is obtainable, the sky is the ultimate limit in life. I believe your destiny is controlled by your actions of today.

What motivates you to be at Vertus? (what is your “why?")

Vertus provides me with the opportunity to work with young men and change lives. It provides me the responsibilities to change the thought process of our young man and allow them to be able to dream bigger. The world changes one student at a time.

Who are you outside of Vertus?

I am a football coach of ten years at Wilson High School. I have mentored many student athletes and won a Section V title in 2017. I have also coached a semi-pro football team and won three league championships. I love taking walks by the water and recently gained a new love for nature. I love to play softball and go fishing. I am also the assistant coach of the Vertus baseball team.

What is your motivational message for students, current or future?

The best lessons comes from failure. If your afraid to take risk and fail then you are afraid learn and grow.

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