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Devon Brown

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been an educator for 8 years. I have worked in various roles throughout my career: ELA Teacher, PE Teacher/Athletic Director, Assistant Principal. I have also had the opportunity to teach in Beijing, China and Dubai, UAE.

What is your philosophy as a teacher?

"As an educator, I understand that students will enter my classroom coming from different walks of life, different socioeconomic backgrounds, and on different academic levels; it is my obligation to provide equal educational opportunities to each one of my students, so that when they graduate they are productive and well-rounded citizens. I fully understand the importance of providing educational equity to all students I currently and will serve in the future. I will implement systems that cater to the needs of students of all academic levels. I am aware of how beneficial differentiated instruction is in the lives of the students of this generation."

What motivates you to be at Vertus? (what is your “why?")

"The students I serve are able to relate to me. I know the things they're going through today are the same things that I went through at their age, but they are facing adversity at a higher rate. I believe I am a testimony to them that you can make it through, despite their circumstances, and education is the only access to more opportunities."

Who are you outside of Vertus?

Outside of Vertus, I am a father, brother, son, and friend. I enjoy traveling and I've visited over 15 countries and lived in 3 countries. I also enjoy sports, my favorite football team is the Buffalo Bills.

What is your motivational message for students, current or future?

Failure means you have been given another opportunity to do the task but with more experience and knowledge. Ace the situations and achieve your goals.

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