Welcome to Vertus Charter School

A free high school for boys in Rochester, N.Y.  Call us at 585-747-8911 for more information.


Vertus prepares leaders of character for the community and the workplace, through:

  • Career preparation:  Every student earns the credentials to get a good job in addition to a high school diploma. After graduation, each student chooses the path that is right for him: college, technical school or starting a career.
  • Personalized curriculum:  Each student has an individual learning plan tailored to his abilities and interests and learns at the pace that is right for him.  Seminar rooms and learning labs replace traditional classrooms.  Community service, robotics, recording studio, entrepreneurs club, woodworking, photography, student government and sports keep active boys engaged and build real-world skills.
  • Strong relationships:  Each student belongs to a small learning team of 12 students, led by a full-time mentor, tutor and guide — called a preceptor — who keeps each young man on the right path and is responsible for the success of every student on the team.

Grandmaster Amos Postwaite teaching his martial arts class. 

photo 1 (3)

What People are Saying about Vertus:

“I just want to thank you and your staff for all the assistance thus far.  The meeting with Mr. Johnson went exceptionally well and left me feeling like I’m making a great decision for my son.  My son has not stopped talking about how excited he is to start Vertus. Mr. Johnson really left him feeling like he actually has a voice and that his future really matters. I look forward to the upcoming school year and I wish you and your staff nothing but success and I thank you for all that you are doing to help young men prosper.  Best of luck and thanks again.” – Parent of Incoming Vertus 9th Grader

Vertus faculty and students take a quick break from their chemistry experiment. 

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