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Uniform Guide

Order shirts and sweaters directly from Stitchworks (297 Culver Parkway, Rochester, 585-654-7522.


White Vertus Long-sleeve, Embroidered Dress Shirt

Tucked In with Tie

S-XL: $20, XXL: $22, XXXL: $24

Short Sleeve Polo

S-XL: $16, XXL: $18, XXXL: $20

Long Sleeve Polo

S-XL: $18, XXL: $20, XXXL: $22


Must be worn with the tie corresponding to the student's academic level.




Pull-Over Sweater

Button Up Sweater

Quarter Zip Sweater

Pants & Accessories

Black or Khaki Pants

No jeans, cargo pants, or joggers of any sort

Black Belt

Leather or imitation leather (cloth belts or belts with studs or designs are not permitted)

Black Shoes

No Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Puma, or Vans

Summer Uniform Additions

Black or Plain Khaki Shorts

Cargo shorts are OK

Any Shoes

No sandals

Frequently Asked Questions about Uniforms

What does the Vertus uniform consist of?

Vertus shirt, your choice of:

  • White, long-sleeved button up with the Vertus logo
  • Black, short sleeve polo with the Vertus logo
  • Black, long sleeve polo with the Vertus logo

Black tie — straight or bow tie, must be plain black (no patterns or other colors), this only has to be worn with the white button-up, Vertus provides the first black tie

Pants, your choice of:

  • Black dress pants — must be plain black (no cargo or athletic pants)
  • Khaki pants

Black belt — must be leather or imitation leather (cloth belts or belts with studs or designs are not permitted)

Black dress shoes — lace-up or loafer style, must be solid black (no sneakers or boots)

Vertus Sweater/Vertus Quarter zip pullover – optional

Where can I purchase the Vertus uniform?

Stitchworks, 297 Culver Parkway, 585-654-7522;

  • By appointment only per COVID-19 guidelines
  • Accepts cash and card
  • Sells all 3 Vertus shirt options
  • Sells Vertus sweaters
  • Sells Vertus quarter zip

Pants, belt, and shoes can be purchased elsewhere

What does the uniform cost?

Button up

S-XL: $20

2XL: $22

3XL: $24

Short Sleeve Polo

S-XL: $16

2XL: $18

3XL: $20

Long Sleeve Polo

S-XL: $20

2XL $22

3XL $24

Can I use layaway?

Yes, call Stitchworks for details.

Is financial help available for the uniform?

Financial assistance can be requested but is not guaranteed. Please speak with your son’s preceptor (for currently enrolled students) or Michael James if you are in the process of enrolling your son.

What if my son comes to school not in uniform?

He will not be able to attend class. We will call home and ask that a family member bring missing uniform items to school.

What is the summer uniform?

In the summer, students may also wear black or khaki shorts, and sneakers.

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