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Achieve Compete Excel

Student-athletes who desire to continue playing at the college level have an opportunity to be a part of the A.C.E. Program.

What does the A.C.E Program entail?

  • Specialized Training: We'll provide targeted training sessions and resources tailored to enhance your athletic skills in various sports.
  • Academic Guidance: Our dedicated advisors will offer personalized academic support and advisement on NCAA compliance to ensure you maintain excellence in sports and studies.
  • College Preparation: Comprehensive guidance on the college recruitment process, including assistance with applications, portfolios, and connecting with recruiters.
  • Mentorship Opportunities: Access to mentorship programs and connections with successful collegiate athletes, trainers, and coaches to guide and inspire your journey.
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This pathway is aimed at empowering students to excel not only in their chosen sport but also academically, opening doors to collegiate opportunities that align with their aspirations.

This program will bolster our student’s athletic capabilities and reinforce the importance of academic achievement, discipline, and dedication.


  • Participate in a year-round Strength and conditioning program
  • Individual advisement on NCAA compliance
  • College Preparation Courses and 1-on-1 Sessions 
  • Year-Round Athletic Player Skill Development 
  • Exclusive tours of college athletic facilities 
  • Face-to-face time with college coaches and players 
  • Access to a full-time trainer 
  • 85% of athletic coaches are full-time staff 
  • Opportunity to be connected with Roc Nation Sports
  • Competitive local and regional competition 
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  • Must be a part of an athletic team at Vertus
  • Must take required academic courses

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