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The statistics paint a grim picture for young men in the city of Rochester. More than half drop out of high school. Many, especially young men of color, face high odds of unemployment, violence, or prison. Vertus High School draws on proven practices for serving urban youth to create a new future for its students.

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Each student belongs to a small learning team of 16 to 20 students, led by a full-time mentor, tutor and guide — called a Preceptor — who keeps each young man on the right path and is responsible for the success of every student on his team.



Seminar rooms and learning labs replace traditional classrooms. Each student learns at the pace that is right for him. Engineering, art, chess, slam poetry, student government, and sports keep active adolescents engaged and build real-world skills.



Students participate in a daily seminar to develop character. The seminar explores our three virtues of Courage, Leadership, and Responsibility. We also teach character strengths that lead to success, such as grit, social intelligence, and self-control.



After graduation, each student chooses the path that is right for him: college, technical training, or starting a career. While at Vertus, students take college courses to earn credits and build technical skills for the workplace.

STUDENTS WILL GRADUATE PREPARED FOR SUCCESS. To graduate, each student will demonstrate that he is ready to take his place in the community as a responsible adult. Some graduates will further their education in technical institutes, community colleges, or universities.  Others will move directly into the workplace. All students will be supported throughout their first post-secondary year.