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Program Managers

The following Program Manager positions are currently open:

Career Program Manager

The Career Program Manager is responsible for our career preparation programs. He/she works with the leadership team and external partners to design career pathways that result in a career certification for every student and coordinates learning experiences in and out of class that promote career awareness, exposure, access, and choice. The Career Program Manager reports to the Director of External Affairs.


  • Develop and implement a career pathways program designed to provide students with certifications in Vertus’s three career pathways (IT, Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing)
  • Develop and implement programs to provide students with opportunities to explore strengths, identify interests, and personally connect with the benefits of work and career
  • Organize a continuum of work-based learning experiences, including site visits, job shadows, guest speakers, school-based enterprises, internships and jobs
  • Foster college awareness, including college trips, fairs, and panels that engage local colleges and their students
  • Provide a conduit for students to learn about, prepare to apply for, apply for, and succeed in in-school, after-school and summer jobs
  • Establish and maintain institutional partnerships to facilitate all of the above, and engage and manage an advisory council of area employers to provide consistent, meaningful input
  • Work with staff to ensure that students continuously and proactively set goals for career development, chart progress, make choices, strategize, reflect and adjust
  • Lead the school wide articulation of a values-driven message about college and career so that the whole staff can speak with one voice


The ideal candidate’s background includes:

  • A bachelor’s degree; relevant graduate degree preferred but not required
  • At least two years’ experience working in a school, preferably with an underserved population, or equivalent experience in a non-profit youth program
  • Demonstrated project management ability, including projects with new as well as adapted practices and projects involving multiple stakeholders
  • Achievement evidenced by a demonstrated record of professional accomplishments
  • Experience that includes at least two, but preferably three or more, of the following:
    • CTE programs or instruction
    • Youth program coordination and implementation
    • Youth development and social-emotional learning
    • Classroom teaching and curriculum planning
    • College and/or career advisement and programming
    • Youth counseling and/or case work in other areas
    • Outside stakeholder relations and engagement

Additionally, the successful candidate:

  • Has a “fire in the belly,” i.e. a passion for creating opportunities for urban youth and commitment to social justice through education
  • Is committed to Vertus’ values, culture and goals
  • Is a proven systems thinker with strong analytical skills and a record of successful program implementation in a variety of settings
  • Has a demonstrated ability to inspire and motivate young men, build effective relationships with students, families and other supporters, and engage community resources in service of students’ needs
  • Is a skillful, effective writer and speaker who understands messaging for the goals and needs of different stakeholder groups (including students, teachers, parents, partners, elected officials, and more)

Vertus is an equal opportunity employer. Salary will be commensurate with experience.

To Apply

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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