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The Vertus approach is as unique as our students:



Each student is part of a small learning team of 16-18 students led by a full-time mentor and guide called a preceptor.  Preceptors have our students' backs 24/7/365.  They create a safe and supportive environment in which each young man has an adult who is responsible for his success. 



We combine high-tech, online learning with traditional classroom experiences meeting each student where he is academically and supporting him to accelerate his growth.  Our year round calendar provides more learning time so that students can meet all the requirements for graduation and prepare for college and careers. 

Team Rowe


Students explore our three virtues of courage, leadership, and responsibility in our daily character curriculum.  Weekly awards recognize academic achievement and character growth. Sports, field trips, extracurricular activities, college courses, and work opportunities help students understand the world and grow as leaders. 

Thinking about Vertus for your student?

Consider one of these options to learn more:

  • Call our Recruitment Specialist at 585-747-8911
  • Email Darryl Kittleberger to schedule a personal tour to see our facility and program
  • RVSP to attend an upcoming Open House
  • Watch the "day in the life" video below
  • Explore our website to see our approach and what our students and families say about our program
Open House

A day in the life...

Vertus High School is a free public high school for young men. We provide unprecedented individual support and consistent high expectations for academic success and character growth. Look at our results or watch this video to learn more.


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