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Student/ Family/ School Agreement

  • Students achieve their goals when students, guardians and the school all partner for student success. Our Student/Family/School Agreement sets forth the responsibilities of the student, the guardian and the school. Students, guardian and the student’s Preceptor sign the contract at the start of every school year.

    Vertus Promises:

    Graduation: Vertus promises to help each student achieve all graduation requirements. Our school will provide individualized coursework that meets the student where he is and allows him to progress based on his own individualized learning path. The school will communicate graduation requirements and discuss progress toward graduation with students and guardians regularly.

    Communication: Vertus promises to communicate with families in all the following ways:

    • Preceptors will communicate about student progress at least once every two weeks (more if needed);
    • The school office will send an automated message to the guardian every day that a student is absent and has not provided advance notice of the absence;
    • Preceptors will follow up with an attendance call or text on the day of the unexcused absence
    • The school will call home when there is a major discipline incident;
    • The school will provide regular Progress Reports showing credits earned, grades and attendance;
    • The school will host family conferences three times a year;
    • Classroom teachers will contact families of students at risk of failing their class.

    Student Promises:


    • I will come to school in full uniform and on time on my assigned days unless I have an excused absence.

    Participation: I will participate actively and willingly in the learning process. I will have any necessary supplies, sit in my assigned seat, wear headphones, take notes, follow all academic rules, pay attention to instruction, complete all assignments to the best of my ability, and request help when I need it. I understand that I am not allowed to sleep in the learning lab or in classrooms.

    Behavior: I will:

    • Come to school in full uniform and follow the dress code every day
    • Turn in my cell phone and mobile devices every morning (no exceptions) *Vertus is not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices not turned in.
    • Follow the “Five Rules”:
      1. Follow directions quickly
      2. Raise your hand for permission to speak
      3. Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat
      4. Make smart choices
      5. Be Kind
    • Use respectful language. I will not curse, “drill” or use the “n” word, ethnic slurs or disrespectful or demeaning language at any time with staff or with other students.
    • Refrain from fighting or play fighting
    • Respect school property.
    • Refrain from damaging school property
    • Use technology in accordance with the Vertus Technology Policy
    • Comply with all COVID related processes and procedures

    Guardian Promises:

    Attendance:I understand that Vertus is a year-round school, with a mandatory summer session, and that my student is expected to be here every day. I will send my student to school in full uniform, on time, every day, well rested and ready to learn. I will call the school when he is sick or needs to miss school for an emergency.

    Partnership: I will keep my contact information updated and let the school know when my phone number or address changes. I will answer calls from the school as promptly as possible and will come to school for requested conferences. I will let my student’s Preceptor or another staff member know of any concerns about my student’s wellbeing at school.I understand and will support the school in reinforcing the behavior expectations for my student.

    Family conferences: I will come to family conferences to review my student’s progress toward graduation. I understand that conferences will be held three times a year.

  • Please E-Sign

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