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Matt Owlett


Cell Phone: (585) 481-4494

Subject: AIS Coordinator

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been a teacher in Rochester for 8 years. Previous to working in Rochester, I worked as a teacher for one year in Syracuse and as an AmeriCorps member in a school in Philadelphia.

What is your philosophy as a teacher?

There is a baseline of content knowledge that all students should possess to help them succeed and thrive in their future. Therefore, having a broad knowledge of all subjects is necessary. However, the true value of education is in the skills students develop along the way. The most important skills include (but are not limited to) oral and written expression, critical thinking, and analytical thinking. Secondarily, schools should help students discover their passions in life. Students should be able to have a large variety of experiences to help them determine what they want to pursue after high school.

What motivates you to be at Vertus? (what is your “why?")

I enjoy working at Vertus because it provides me with an opportunity to work with young men who typically don't have the same advantages as their peers in the suburbs. Vertus has a excellent staff with a diverse skill set. Together, we give our students opportunities that they don't get at other places in the city.

Who are you outside of Vertus?

I am a father and husband. I still play soccer, love to work out, and do a lot of outdoorsy things with my family.

What is your motivational message for students, current or future?

1) Find your passions and pursue them with all that you've got. 2) Choose your relationships carefully. The company you keep will come to define and shape you.

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