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Michael Bucciarelli


Cell Phone: (585) 280-3095

Subject: Science Teacher

How long have you been a teacher?

I have been a professional educator for 22 years. I began teaching as an instructor in a student and adult GED program in an Alternative High School. I have been a Science, Math, and Special Education educator in a variety of Junior High School and High School environments spanning a breadth of various Public, Parochial, and Charter School experiences.

What is your philosophy as a teacher?

I believe that every classroom is its own unique community; my role as the teacher is to assist each child in developing their own potential and learning styles. I strive to present a curriculum that incorporates each different learning style, as well as, make the content relevant to the students' lives. I believe that all children are unique and have something special that they can bring to their own education. I strive each day to assist my students with expressing themselves and accepting themselves for who they are, as well as, embrace the differences of others.

What motivates you to be at Vertus? (what is your “why?")

The ability to truly give back to our community and genuinely impact young peoples lives in a positive and meaningful manner in an inclusive environment which fosters a truly life altering experience in a safe and blended learning environment.

Who are you outside of Vertus?

I am a father, brother, son, cousin, friend, and kind random stranger. I enjoy a variety of creative hobbies and volunteering within the community.

What is your motivational message for students, current or future?

Do it yourself! That is the only way you will develop life long skills and confidence in your own abilities and develop healthy self-esteem. It is ok to ask for assistance when you have made a truly determined effort yourself first. Also, develop friendships. Friends are good, you will eventually need to lean on them and they on you.

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