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What Makes Vertus Unique?

Vertus High School is a free public high school for young men. We provide unprecedented individual support and consistent high expectations for academic success and character growth. Since we opened in 2014, our students have exceeded national expectations for student growth and performance. Look at our results or watch this video to learn more.


Why choose Vertus for your young man?



Each student is part of a small learning team of 16-18 students led by a full-time mentor and guide called a preceptor.  Preceptors have our students' backs 24/7/365.  They create a safe and supportive environment in which each young man has an adult who is responsible for his success. 



We combine high-tech, online learning with traditional classroom experiences meeting each student where he is academically and supporting him to accelerate his growth.  Our year round calendar provides more learning time so that students can meet all the requirements for graduation and prepare for college and careers. 

Team Rowe


Students explore our three virtues of courage, leadership, and responsibility in our daily character curriculum.  Weekly awards recognize academic achievement and character growth. Sports, field trips, extracurricular activities, college courses, and work opportunities help students understand the world and grow as leaders. 

Vertus' Approach Gets Results


What Families Say About Vertus:

"David is doing very well - he just got an excellent report from the teachers. I think it's great how involved families are in the process. I would defineitely recommend it! The staff shows them how to be young men and how to grow into adulthood."

- father of 11th grade student

  "My son's math teacher goes above and beyond. The staff stay in contact and I love the fact that they have preceptors that only have so many kids so my son gets lots of attention"

- mother of 9th grade student

"My young man has come a long way with this school and has had an extreme amount of growth. We have had our problems with him but I rely on this school to keep him on track."

- mother of 10th grade student

"My son is doing great. I love this school and I tell everyone about it! The change to Vertus was the most excellent change - I would recommend this school to all mothers of boys."

Shanda Santana, mother of 10th grade student

What Student Leaders Say About Vertus:

"Vertus is good for keeping you on track and helping you graduate." - Mr. Rose, graduating senior

 “Vertus is a school to help you not only with your academics, but life lessons for your future too. People show they care as soon as you walk in and they try to connect on a one-on-one level.” – Mr. Burkett, 10th grade

“Other students should know how Vertus is different and it’s set up academically for you to focus on credits. I recommend it because the preceptors and because I feel safe in the environment.” – Mr. Walker, 12th grade

“I recommend Vertus because it brings out the best in you. It’s unlike any other school, students actually have the ability to control their future by working hard and evolving into the person you want to become.” – Mr. Figueroa, lower level student

“Vertus is a place where students can accelerate their academics and graduate from high school. I would recommend it to other students because it could change the way they see the world and could make them a more successful person in the future.” – Mr. Gonzalez, 10th grade

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