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Update – September 15, 2020

A Message from the Principal;

School is back in session and it is so wonderful to have our young men back in the building. Our children and staff’s safety is our first priority and we have worked diligently to ensure that there are processes and procedures in place to make sure that the case. Our reopening plan outlines, in detail, the steps we take daily to limit exposure and sanitize the building. Our academic focus for the 2020-2021 school year will be to address any learning loss because of COVID-19, while accelerating new learning. With our on-line platform, Edgenuity, our students were able to continue their core courses and their teacher led classes without pause. Even with this continuity, we acknowledge that many of our students engage more actively and have improved comprehension with the aid of in-person teacher support.

Our students’ social-emotional health and well-being are just as important as their academic progress. We believe that the strong relationships we develop with our students and families help us to meet the needs of every student. While we still maintain these relationships remotely, we believe strongly that in-person contact and instruction are vital to helping our students achieve character and academic growth.

As such, we have re-opened with a hybrid model that allows for continued remote instruction while still having small groups of students in the building on designated days in a safe way. Whether students are in the building, or learning remotely, we are dedicated to working with our students and their families to ensure academic and character growth. The 2020 school year may look different then years past, but our mission to “Develop Leaders of Character,” remains the same.

Julie A. Locey, Principal

2020-2021 Reopening Plan

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